9 Tips for Traveling Only with A Small Backpack

We’ve all been there before we will get a cheap flight and start to book and presto. The price practically doubles when adding luggage (sometimes even when it is hand luggage). And this is not about to change. Nowadays, who says travel says baggage fees.

But do not give up hope: if like many travelers you prefer to save, know that the system has a flaw. All airlines allow you to bring an accessory. If the authorized sizes vary from one company to another, a standard size backpack is generally considered an accessory by most companies, even the low-cost ones.

But how do you fit everything into a small backpack? If you already know the answer, don’t waste time reading the following and instead plan your next adventure. But if you imagine yourself already sitting on your bag trying to close it, this article is for you.

  • Get a good backpack

It’s all about choosing the bag, or almost. Choose a resistant backpack that you can fill without worrying about it bursting. Option for a model with several internal compartments and pockets with zipper. You can easily access your personal belongings like your wallet, your phone, or your charger without having to turn the whole bag upside down.

  • Take Only What You Need

Ask yourself if you are going to need every one of the deals you are taking. If you need 10 seconds to decide, it is not necessary. Whether it’s a book, a straightener, or an extra camera, always think twice if you can do without it.

  • Choose quality over quantity

Get clothes and accessories that allow you to travel light, such as a non-iron shirt or a dress that you can wear in several ways. Also choose quick-drying fabrics and resistant woolen socks, which you can wear several times. Besides, only bring clothes that you see yourself wearing more than once.

  • Do not abuse toiletries

Remember that hotels provide toiletries. Do not hesitate to contact your hotel to inquire about the products offered. No need to take what you find on-site. Also, remember to take only what is necessary, depending on the duration of your trip. If you leave for a week or less, you can certainly do without certain products. And, unless you are traveling off the beaten track, you can get what you need once there (keep in mind the 100 ml rule for return).

  • Share

If you are traveling with others, prefer sharing. Are you not traveling alone? Do not bring the same toiletries as your traveling companion. Products like toothpaste or shaving cream can be shared. Not taking duplicate items will save everyone space.

  • Avoid taking duplicate accessories

Sure, some would say it’s not fashionable to have the same sunglasses on all your vacation photos. Light travel pros know that varying accessories is a mistake not to make. To hell with fashion! Whether it’s glasses, scarves, belts, or hats, one copy is usually enough for most trips.

  • Prepare your business strategically

Rolling up your clothes rather than folding them can help you save space. You can also use compression bags if necessary.

  • Wear multiple layers

Wear your heaviest clothes to save space. It may sound obvious, but it’s undoubtedly the best tip we can give you: wear your heaviest clothes. Boots, winter coat, sweater, scarf, and even a hat and glasses take up space when you can wear them. You can put yourself at ease once on the plane (take a light foldable bag where you can put everything when you are onboard).


Now with all the ideas we have mentioned above, we hope it will be easier to travel with a small backpack that full all of your baggage.

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