Best Hiking Backpack for Big Guys

Are you a big guy? Are you planning to go for hiking activities? Are you looking for the best hiking backpack for big guys?

You definitely need a backpack to make this trip a successful one. But not just any backpack will work for you due to your size when hiking. Well, searching for the best product might take a lot of time, and come with little or no good result. Hence, this review is designed to help you select the best product for your size. This buying guide will deliver 5 of the best hiking backpack for big guys, and the essential criteria to consider when making your selection.

Criteria for Selecting Best Hiking Backpack for Big Guys

Here are some essential criteria to consider before buying a backpack:

  • Size: all hiking accessories will be in the bag. As such, you should pick bags that are big enough to accommodate everything you are packing for the hiking trip.
  • Material Safety: go for bags that are completely weatherproof. When the weather changes, you are sure of the safety of your accessories.
  • Construction material: go for bags that are completely weatherproof. Depending on what you are carrying when hiking, you need a bag that can support everything you are carrying. The pain of starting the journey all over again to pick things that drop from your ripped bag is added stress.
  • Weight: go for ultralight backpacks, will you need something big in size, you should opt for those that are not heavy. Big ones added to your size makes them become a serious burden for hiking activities. 

5 Best Hiking Backpack for Big Guys

  1. Venture Pal Large 45L Hiking Backpack – Packable Lightweight Travel Backpack Daypack
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This is a perfect hiking bag suitable for all-terrain. This bag that has several unique features which include:

  • This large capacity bag has a size of 42 litres which is way bigger than other similar products.
  • Multiple compartments mean you have a lot of storage options, which all come with strong zippers.
  • It is made with thick and sturdy material that is water-resistant and durable.
  • Highly comfortable with the shoulder straps and a lot of sponge padding.
  • This backpack is also lightweight and compact. So, you can easily fold it into small pockets.

2. Totalpac – Hiking Daypack – Foldable Backpack for Traveling, Hiking & Camping

This bag is designed for hiking activities, yet it is also perfect for camping and travelling. It has a zipper closure that helps keep your properties safe and very comfortable.

  • This bag is ultra-light and compact, weighing 110z overall. Foldable when not used.
  • Functional and organized with 11 different pockets where you can keep your hiking essentials.
  • The bag has a size of 35 litres and comes with free USB cables.
  • Strong and durable as it is made from premium-grade Ripstop Nylon which is both water and tear-resistant.
  • Comes with deluxe polyester 200-pound bearing straps and strong ABS plastic buckle.

3. TETON Sports Fox 5200 Internal Frame Backpack; High-Performance Backpack

This high-quality backpack is designed for backpacking, hiking, and for camping. It is the best option for big guys due to its design.

  • Perfect for men and women as it can pack up to 5 or more days of trips. Thanks to its 85-liter capacity.
  • It features multi-position torso adjustment which fits a wide range of body sizes. Has durable open-cell foam lumbar pad and molded channels.
  • Has an overall weight of 5.5 pounds.
  • The total dimension of the backpack is 26 x 11 x 9 inches.
  • Features an integrated rainfly design which makes it easier to access your goods whenever they are needed.

4. Hiking Backpack 50L Travel Camping Backpack with Rain Cover

Nothing beats this high-quality bag which is designed for rugged hiking activities. It is very spacious and will easily accommodate your hiking essentials;

  • Comes with eight different adjustable straps for tying and hanging your bag.
  • They are designed for both men and women with either the 5 or 6.5 inches weighing 90 and 250 lbs respectively.
  • Features a 50-litre waterproof cover thanks to the rip-stop polyester material of the backpack.
  • Comes with several pockets which aid storage of your hiking essentials.
  • Has an overall dimension of 25.6 x 13.8 x 9.8 inches.

5. Seenlast Hiking Backpack 50L Camping Backpack with Rain Cover for Travel

Whether you are preparing for hiking, camping, or other trips that require the use of backpacks, this is the best option as you have a lot of storage options.

  • Has a large capacity of 50 L which can easily hold all your daily and hiking essentials.
  • The rip-stop polyester material of this bag helps it resist both water and tear.
  • The backpack comes with adjustable backstraps, waist belt, and sternum strap.
  • Has a maximum load capacity of 88 lb.
  • The bag has an overall dimension of 25.6 x 13.8 x 9.8 inches.


On your own, selecting the best backpack for big guys can be hard, but this review has provided you with details that will make the selection process easier. Good enough, you have five of the best products to select from delivered too. They are the perfect fit for you and your hiking task.

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