Best Running Hydration Pack For Big Guys

The stress of having to pull your backpack to get access to your hydration pack can somewhat be annoying, especially if you are one of the guys with big bodies. The thing to do in this case is to get a hydration pack, as this will give you access to get immediate hydration when running.

However, there are various packs for big guys in the market, which may make it difficult to get the best running hydration pack for big guys.

To ease this dilemma, we have reviewed a number of the best running hydration pack for big guys in the market, and they are listed below.

List of our 5 best running hydration pack for big guys;

  1. T.E.T.O.N. Sports Oasis 1200 Hydration Pack
  2. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack
  3. SHARKMOUTH Tactical MOLLE Hydration Pack
  4. CamelBak Adult M.U.L.E. Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack
  5. CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack

Criteria for selecting the best running hydration pack for big guys

  • Capacity

How long you are going to be running for each day should determine the size of your hydration pack. If you are a great enthusiast that spends much time when running, you could go for the one or 2-liter capacity. Also, you have to pay attention to the amount of weight you want to add to yourself as a runner. However, you can go for a bigger size if you are very big and thirsty quickly.

  • The capacity of the gear

The gear capacity becomes essential when you want to accommodate some other stuff in your hydration pack. Hence, for big guys, you should make sure to pay attention to the weight of the gear so you won’t have to carry much more load.

  • The ease of drinking

You are getting a hydration pack so you can quickly get fluid into your body when dehydrated. Therefore, it is essential to understand the hydration pack that will allow for easy access to water. Get a hydration pack with a bite valve as this will enable you to drink water without stopping your activity.

  • The ease of filling

Most runners work on schedule, and it will be difficult if you get a hydration pack that doesn’t give you easy access to the filling of the bottle. Make sure the opening is large enough for ease of filling.  

Hydration Pack Features

Hydration backpacks come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it better to choose the one that best suits you. There are specially designed packs for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and so on. Once you’ve determined what kind of hydration pack you want and its capacity, it’s time to make sure it’s right for you. Here are some of the hydration pack features to look out for.

  • Bite Valve Stop Switch: Some bite valves rotate to open and close.
  • Tube Portals: A slot in the backpack that you can take a sip from.
  • Clips: Many hydration packs include a clip on a shoulder strap to hold your tube in place for easy access.
  • Quick Disconnect Hose: Some tanks have a beverage hose that can be easily separated from the container. This is useful if the reservoir needs to be filled while hiking. Disconnect the hose with the push of a button and remove the storage container from your backpack. This way, you can leave the tube in place.
  • Wide-Mouth Opening: The wide mouth openings usually allow you to put a hand into the storage container, making it easy to clean. If you go for a container with a smaller space, you can purchase a cleaning kit that includes brushes to clean the inside.

Now, let dive through our selection running hydration backpack

5 Best Running Hydration Pack For Big Guys

  1. T.E.T.O.N. Sports Oasis 1200 Hydration Pack

Adventurist, need to quench thirst while running, and this pack is one of the best in that regard.

It is a lightweight design with enough comfort offered to you as a runner. It is about 1200 cubic inches in size, and it is a 20 Liter capacity.

The pack comes with a free hydration bladder worth of 2L, and it is very durable and easy to carry when running.

It comes with a push-lock cushioned bite valve that allows for easy access to water, plus it has an opening of about 5cm.

2. Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack

The Musabel gear insulated hydration pack is one of a kind, and you will love just how easy it is to carry this pack.

Additionally, the pack comes with a bladder that is of B.P.A. free design, and it is F.D.A. approved for food. The bladder is a thermally insulated one that keeps your drink temperature constant as you want it.

Furthermore, the pack comes with an excellent volume that allows you to store your clothes, purses, keys, and phones.

Also, the pack comes in a leakage proof design, and you will also like that large bladder opening comes with a screw one that allows it to dry itself.

3. SHARKMOUTH Tactical MOLLE Hydration Pack

With this pack, there is an assurance of comfort, and you will like that the bag is lightweight, which will not weigh you down when running.

Additionally, the shoulder straps come padded, and they adjust pretty well to bring comfort to your shoulders.

Furthermore, it comes with a waist strap, chest straps, and the design is ergonomic. It also comes with a mesh panel at the back to give all-round airflow.

The bag offers an insulated layer designed with aluminum foil, and it can hold water a water bladder of 2 liters.

Finally, you will get approximately 4 hours of cooling liquid with the bladder.

4. CamelBak Adult M.U.L.E. Mil Spec Antidote Hydration Backpack

With this nylon made hydration pack, you can get to the peak of your running without stress, discomfort, and thirst.

Also, the bag is from the United States, which says a lot about the high-quality design of this bag.

You can wash this pack in the machine relieving your hand from unwanted stress, and you will love that it doesn’t get dirty quickly.

Additionally, the bag is about 0.5 meters in height, and it is approximately 0.31 meters in width, making it a lightweight bag.

Finally, with this pack, you will get a hydration capacity of 100 oz, which is the same as 3 liters.

5. CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack

The CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack is one of the best you can invest your money on, and it is a bag designed with topnotch materials.

The bag is lightweight and will not slow you down when running. It comes with a 50 oz reservoir that will provide water for two hours while running.

In terms of comfort, the bag is highly ventilated, plus the zippers are unique, which gives quick access to your hydration reservoir.

The good thing about this bag is the simplicity it brings, and the pockets are streamlined adequately for convenience.

Finally, it comes with a mesh panel for excellent airflow.

Pros and Cons of Hydration backpack

Getting Hydrated is the most important thing to keep in mind while running. Hydration backpacks carry water and make drinking comfortable and efficient with running. We will expatiate more about the pros and cons of hydration packs.

Below, we’ll see why some people prefer hydration packs, while others prefer to use water bottles and not hear a word about the water tubes and bladders.

Pros of hydration pack

You can drink water on running without stopping or removing your backpack to take your bottle. This makes the water easier to drink and keeps you very well hydrated.

It is more convenient to carry large amounts of water with you because the hydration pack does not tilt your backpack or disturb your balance and stability.

Because the bladder is in an inner sleeve, the water is better protected and not exposed to the sun. And through the hose, you sip water instead of blowing, saving the liquid for a more extended period.

After all, it’s easier to keep running when you’re drinking at the same time. The bubbles take up less space and are lighter when empty, making them very good for racing.

Cons of Hydration backpack

The hydration pack requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Often, mostly when new, the bubble can give the water a rubbery taste.

Another negative side effect of the hydration system is that it is difficult to know the rate of water that is left in the reservoir, and there is a risk of leaks, punctures, or explosions.

Some hydration packs tend to make water hard and challenging to fill through the hose because you have to remove the hose, empty the bladder, fill it and repack it.

If the face is potentially damaged, its replacement is expensive.


We hope that with the amount of information supplied in this review article will help you to navigate the market with ease. Also, buying any of the listed best running hydration pack for big guys on this list will mean you have chosen outright quality.

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