Best Tool Bag for Pipefitters

Are you a professional pipefitter? Do you know without the best tool bag delivering your services becomes tougher? The stress you go through checking your toolbox time and over again reduces your efficiency and speed. This is one reason why the best and professional pipefitters make use of tool bags when working.

You will probably want to carry one when next you are going to work. Hence, this review will deliver important points to consider when buying one, and list five of the best tool bags for pipefitters you can buy. Sit back and relax, while we show you the very best tool bags.

Criteria for Selecting Best Tool Bag for Pipefitters

Considering the following points will help you select the best tool bag for pipefitters when next you visit the tool bag store.

  • Material: it’s a tool bag, you need to pick those made of poly fabric, nylon, and canvas, as they are more durable and sturdier. These materials can withstand the weight of the tools you are carrying.
  • Pockets: for your tool bag, you should go for those that have multiple pockets since the tools you will be carrying vary in size. This will make your work more efficient and save time.
  • Padding: the best tool bags come with padding on the bottom. This helps stop wear and tear in the bag and extend the lifespan of the bag.
  • Zipper compartment: you wouldn’t want to misplace all your tools during transportation. As such, you should go for bags that have zippered compartments which makes your tools more secure.

5 Best Tool Bag for Pipefitters

  1. WORKPRO W081023A Close Top Storage Tool Bag, 18

The Workpro tool bag is one of the best options for pipefitter due to its unique design and features.

  • It comes with an adjustable strap which makes it easier for you to access the content.
  • It has several pockets which makes it easier to keep your tools of different sizes.
  • Features a rubber foam bottom that helps keep the bag sturdy, and help protect the bag in cases of hard fall.
  • The outer mesh pocket of this bag makes it easier to store your belongings easily.
  • Features two wide-open zipped mouths that make approaching tools easier, and improves the safety of your tools.

2. DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets

DeWalt tool bag is another excellent option for pipefitters who want comfort when working.

  • Lighted tool backpack which is easy to adjust and has three levels of light for different environments, with the light output of 39 lumens.
  • This backpack is easy to carry as it comes with padded web carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Highly durable as it comes with base pad feet which help prevent abrasion, wear and tear.
  • It has 57 pockets which include 48 multi-use pockets inside and nine pockets outside. This makes organizing tools easier.
  • It can hold all the essential tools used by pipefitters.

3. WORKPRO 18-inch Close Top Wide Mouth Storage Tool Bag

With the Workpro storage bag, pipefitters can conveniently carry out their task without encountering any hindrance from searching for tools.

  • Features a comfortable and heavy-duty shoulder strap which is strong enough to handle any type of tool.
  • It has a top open design and large interior compartment which makes accessing tools inside the bag easier.
  • The handle area is reinforced, which makes them more durable.
  • The bag can be quickly and conveniently closed and opened thanks to the two double-pull zippers it features.
  • Come with a rubber foam bottom which makes the bag sturdy, and protect your tools from getting spoilt after hard falls.

4. CLC Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear 53 Pocket Lighted Back Pack

This is another high-quality backpack designed for professional pipefitters to help keep their tools safe and nearby.

  • Features a built-in LED light that has three levels of light output for bright illumination for different work areas.
  • It comes with 53 pockets which make keeping your tools safe more comfortable. 28 tool pockets, 14 accessory bit pockets, and 11 multi-use pockets.
  • Very comfortable and convenient to transport due to its backpack design, and the adjustable shoulder padding of the bag.
  • Durable tool bag with a large base pad for your tool safety.
  • Features straps that make carrying larger tools possible.

5. Bucket Boss Extreme Big Daddy Tool Bag in Grey

Every pipefitter deserves high-quality tool bags like this to help simplify their task.

  • Features a traditional gate mouth series-wide and zippered opening for your tool safety.
  • Features a heavyweight 180D poly material that makes the bag durable.
  • Comes with a durable webbing carry handle
  • The bag has 25 pockets with three exterior barrel-bottom pockets with a covered opening.
  • Has a diamond PVC reinforced bottom and removable padded shoulder straps?


Above are five of the best tool bags for pipefitters that you can buy when next you are going for pipefitting tasks. They are all made of quality materials and designed to help protect your tools. We have also explored some essential factors to consider before buying a tool bag. I hope this review helps you make the right decision when purchasing your tool bag.

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