Choosing A Good Children’s Backpack for School

From small kid school, the little ones enjoy bringing a cuddly toy, bringing a drawing or dragging a treasure of leaves, stones, branches, picked up on the way. In short, a small school backpack is handy and as much as it is suitable for your little adventurer.

A school backpack for a toddler must be morphologically suitable, must not interfere, must be comfortable, and last a couple of months longer. Because even for a 3-year-old child, a backpack where the suspenders slip permanently, which has no support and which is worn out in a few weeks, that does not interest. You have to think that a backpack must be forgotten on the rear to be ready to run, jump, pedal!

For older children, in grade school, the question not arises, books and notebooks are emerging, and that they must be worn. Note that the schoolbag will accompany our dear blond heads for an entire year, even (ideally) more, so choose the proper one. And as long as we do, we choose a cushy, practical, and sturdy backpack.

The Way to Choose the Backpack for Your Little Adventurer

Why should a parent go for a backpack instead of a wheeled bag? Because it is the best way to distribute the weight of the backpack on the back while giving great freedom of movement. Opting for a backpack from a hiking backpack manufacturer is also the assurance of ergonomics that will protect your child’s back. Here we give you six criteria for choosing it:

  • Comfort: padded straps and back, chest strap so that the straps do not fall; your little adventurer must be comfortable with his bag on the back.
  • Ergonomics: a backpack must meet specific design and ergonomic characteristics to ensure proper distribution of the weight on the shoulders, right positioning of the load relative to the center of gravity of the child.
  • Lightness: the maximum amount as possible, we elect a light-weight backpack to not add an excessive amount of weight to the contents of the bag (the wheeled bags are for instance too heavy)
  • Practicality: Of course, it’s even better when your adventurer seed can easily open and close his bag, store his things in different pockets, and for the older ones have the right compartments for different books.
  • Solidity: when you see, despite all their good education, the care that children bring to their business, you have to face the fact that a school backpack must be reliable, at the risk of lasting for some months. Also, the choice of materials and construction of the backpack are essential.
  • Aesthetics: This is perhaps the vexed question, especially for those who dream of Spiderman, Star Wars, Frozen, and the company. But beware, licensed products rarely shine with their quality, and we often pay the brand and the character for lack of product quality.

What About the Rolling Bags?

Let’s sweep away the question of the wheeled bag: a playground revolution in recent years that may not be one. After investigating mothers, observation at school, and discussion with a school teacher and director, we came to this conclusion: the schoolbag on wheels is not as good as it seems.

Indeed, it allows not to have everything to carry on his back, but to drag books instead. And it is not negligible when you know that a child should not carry more than 10% of his weight. However, pulling weight with one hand rather than distributing it on both shoulders is not at all ergonomic, and it is not ideal for the back. Indeed, the spine is then twisted rather than being very straight.

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