Getting the Right Backpack for Your Trip

Are you planning to go on a trip very soon? The first step in the preparation of your journey is, of course, the choice of your luggage. Travel or suitcase backpack, large or small, so many different criteria and options that it is quite complicated to make the right choice. However, many travelers admit that nothing beats an excellent backpack! It is the baggage par excellence for any travel, whether by plane, car or train. Practicality, flexibility, and robustness, these are the words that can sum up this essential accessory for all travelers.

Why chooses a backpack?

Compared to a suitcase, a backpack is probably more practical. Put on your back; you have both hands free to do something else. It gives you more freedom than carrying a suitcase everywhere. For a long trip, opt for a backpack from Samsonite of excellent quality. If you want to travel with a light mind, nothing is more pleasant than a bag. This ultra-light accessory can be carried everywhere without cluttering you up. You gain a lot of lightness by choosing a backpack, especially if you are going on a long trip. The backpack also has the advantage of being versatile.

Criteria for choosing a backpack for your trip

1. The type: leisure backpack or trekking?

Your stay provides for a discovery of the city or a day trip, opt for a lighter and more practical leisure backpack. With a capacity of 35 to 45 liters, it is the ideal companion for a pleasant walk like the models of travel backpacks. For hikes of several days, let yourself be tempted by 50 liters or 60 liters travel backpack that is more comfortable and larger to hold everything you need during your activities.

2. Dimensions and weight

The sizes of your backpack depend entirely on the length of your stay and especially on your activities on site. If you have chosen low-cost airlines, please check the size of your bag so that it can be accepted as hand luggage. On the weight side, we advise you to take into account the empty weight of your luggage before purchasing it. If it is already heavy enough when empty, it will weigh even more substantial when loaded.

3. Robustness: material and closure system

Backpacks are made from a multitude of materials. From polyester to fabric to synthetic fiber, each piece of luggage is built to last. Just choose the material that seems more resistant. For example, there is a waterproof travel backpack that protects all of your belongings from moisture. The closure system of a backpack also determines its robustness. Just by trying to open or close it, you can feel the solidity of its closing, which will help you make your choice.

4. Use: regular or occasional use?

Whether for regular or occasional use, a backpack is always a great option. It is the ideal luggage for a 6-month trip or a weekend trip. Functional and light, it adapts to any use.

5. The price

The price of a backpack varies from one brand to another. It takes into account several criteria, including the model, capacity, functionality, or even design. There can be cheap travel backpacks like high-priced, but high-quality backpacks. It’s up to you to find the one that suits your stay.

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