How to choose a good hiking backpack?

Before you start figuring out where to buy a new backpack for hiking, we advise you to start by reading this buying guide for the best backpacks for hiking which will give you some practical tips to choose what is there better for you by focusing on three essential criteria, namely the volume of the bag, its organization, and its carrying comfort.

The volume of the bag

One of the first things you need to determine before you start looking for a new hiking backpack, or any bag for that matter, is what you need. In terms of hiking bag, you must know from the start what type of hikes you plan to do, and for how many days you leave. So, if you are planning to go for a few hours out with reasonably good weather conditions, you will need an essential backpack with a volume of no more than 30 liters.

For a hike that lasts all day and where you plan to have a picnic in the wilderness, you will need to bet on a backpack between 30 and 40 liters to be able to put all the food and water you will need. For a hike of several days with a refuge for the night, opt for a bag with a volume between 45 and 60 liters. For an itinerant hike, delivered to yourself and where you must take all the food, spare clothes, aunt, sleeping arrangements, and an option for a large backpack of more than 70 liters.

The organization of the bag

After determining the total volume of your hiking backpack based on your actual needs, it’s time to address the other crucial practical aspect, that is to say, the organization of storage in the bag. The shapes of the backpacks differ, and with them, the ease of access to your belongings while walking. The ideal is to have external pockets to be able to slip small things to which you need to access very easily and fairly quickly, such as your water bottle, which you will frequently need, your glasses, your camera, and a card.

Ease of carrying

A backpack we use to go hiking, it can weigh extremely heavy with everything we put in it. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that wearing it tires you as little as possible and does not give you aches or pains in the shoulder, for example. For this, the ideal is to have a backpack whose carrying straps are quite thick, and above all, padded, it makes it less pain at the shoulder. It is also essential, especially when you opt for large models, to have a belly strap, which will ensure that part of the weight will rest on the hips, thus relieving the shoulders.

Guide on How to Use A Hiking Backpack?

 Hiking is just as exotic as it is fun. However, before getting started, it is essential to organize all the things you need to bring with you, such as clothes or snacks. And it is for this reason that the use of a backpack for hiking is essential. Below are the tips and ideas on the best way to use your hiking backpack.

•    Check if your hiking backpack can hold all your belongings before using it

Before using your equipment, you must make sure that it can accommodate all your personal effects. In case its volume is too small, you may have to leave some things at home. On the other hand, if it is too large, you clutter up for nothing. So, the best thing is to define in advance the duration of your hike so that you can take into account the number of things that you must bring along.

•    Choose a hiking backpack with several pockets

It is more judicious to select equipment provided with multiple arrangements to obtain a better organization of your business. This way, you will no longer have to search for a long time before having the necessary equipment on hand. Among other things, its pockets are ideal for storing your water bottle, camera, or phone.

•    Sort the essentials for your hike before putting them in your equipment

It is recommended to take only the most essential things. In case you put anything there, your load will be unnecessarily increased, and you will quickly get tired along your way. However, among the most essential, consider bringing snacks, bottles of water, some clothes, a first aid kit, your phone, and your wallet. If you are going away for several days, also bring a sleeping bag and make sure it is ultra-light.

•    Always air dry

As soon as you decide to take a short break during your hike, be sure to shake the inside of your backpack still. And since the equipment comes into contact with the sweat on your back, it is always best to leave the bag in the open for a few minutes. In this context, be sure to open all equipment closures. Be careful, however, not to leave it directly in the sun but rather choose a shaded corner.

•    Adjust the straps and belts of your hiking backpack

To have more comfort when wearing your hiking backpack, you must adjust the straps and belts. Adjust the shoulder straps so that they are precisely at the same level. Precisely, it is essential to distribute the weight of the bag under the two straps at the risk of cutting one of them.

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