Using Waterproof Bag in the Right Situations?

A medium-sized waterproof bag (corresponding to ten to forty liters) can be easily placed on a bicycle rack, with the addition of side bags. Also note that in addition to protection against the weather, a waterproof bag gives the possibility of correctly separating wet material from dry. You can use it in a multitude of contexts to protect your equipment from water, sand, and dirt. Therefore, before buying a waterproof bag, it is best to know how to use it. How will you use the pack? below are some essential tips and ideas of using a waterproof backpack in the right way.

Protect what and why?

First, let’s start with the equipment you will need to protect during a hike or any other activity. Note that the list is not exhaustive. A waterproof bag can well protect all that follows. Here is the listing:

  • Clothes: If your clothes are soaked, they will be less effective, and therefore you may feel cold when you put them on. If you go on a long hike, you can’t dry them if the weather is terrible. So, only one solution: a waterproof bag!
  • Everything electronic: GPS, mobile phone, car keys, or even a camera. All these different devices are fragile and must be kept dry, and that is why a waterproof bag will necessarily be useful.
  • A first aid kit: This last one is full of medicine, and it is essential to keep it all dry, especially if you have gone far and alone. Your life can depend on it.
  • All that is paper: Tickets, cards, towels, etc. All of these are very fragile in the face of the water.
  • Food: Preferably always pack the latter in your waterproof bag. If you are going away for a long time, the humidity will be the main danger. Indeed, the latter may cause your food to rot.
  • Sleeping bag: Primordial down because it insulates up when wet, unlike synthetic fibers.
  • The matches, the lighter, and the stove: This original equipment of adventurer cannot function if it takes water. It is then that the known expression: “there is water in the gas” takes on its full meaning.

What use?

Here are three examples of common uses when buying a waterproof bag:

  • The sea trip: To take the bare necessities, a waterproof bag does the trick. It offers the possibility of protecting your belongings well against humidity as well as sand. Practical and light allow you to store your mobile as well as your keys.
  • The weekend trip: To leave with a few things, a waterproof bag is practical to store as many items as possible in a limited space. Be aware that some models incorporate air exhaust valves to reduce the volume of the bag.
  • The journey: Ideally, a waterproof wheeled bag of more than 70 liters does the trick. It allows you not to be hampered by the weight when traveling and, above all, to protect your belongings well against bad weather.

What use for what type of waterproof bag?

If you turn to a waterproof backpack, know that the latter is relevant to take equipment on the trails or to the beach in particular. It can also be used to keep a few things close at hand when sailing. Besides, waterproof backpacks are mostly windable, which is very convenient.

The shoulder strap models have a nautical look. Also note that some backpacks, light and durable, are specific to the transport of laptops or digital tablets. In this case, they have a compartment giving the possibility of inserting the device. Regarding the waterproof bag, it is intended for daily use, whether at the beach, at sea, or work. The waterproof bags have a marine appearance and are particularly relevant if you travel in wet weather when it is necessary, for example, to take your papers or your PC with you.

Finally, there are also waterproof covers and hulls. There is a broad range of waterproof covers giving the possibility of using your mobile support or your PC in the marine environment. Note also the existence of simple pockets where it is possible to put your equipment.

These types of bags can be closed using various closure systems. Note that it is also possible to use your touch devices. If you have iPads or iPhones, there are also specific waterproof cases for this kind of device. Thin and light, they offer the possibility of having quick and easy access to the jack as well as to the power outlet.

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