What Are the Different Types of Waterproof Bags?

Do you want to buy a waterproof bag? Before that, it is desirable to know all the different types of waterproof bags, depending on the closure, sealing, and use.

Salt, sand, and UV rays are a real scourge for everything electronic. When they come into contact with seawater, in particular, the products oxidize and consequently lose their usefulness. To overcome this concern, you must opt ​​for a waterproof bag to avoid any contact or infiltration of seawater and sand. Specific optimized and reinforced models will give you the possibility of protecting your objects from falls. Let’s discover together the different types of waterproof bags.


The waterproof bags, as well as the waterproof pouches, take different forms. These can be of various sizes and closures, which can sometimes make a choice difficult. Be aware that three kinds of closures exist:

  • Folding closure (three turns): This secure closure allows the user to perfectly protect his belongings even if his bag is in total immersion. However, we must be careful because after a certain period underwater, the reliability of the waterproof closure is less. This is why it is preferable to privilege products that are not likely to deteriorate permanently. It is also essential to note that these bags should not be filled because they will then have difficulty closing correctly, and as a result, they will lose their major characteristic: sealing.
  • Zipped closure: More expensive than folding bags, they can be completely waterproof even after prolonged immersion. Besides, they are perfect for protecting your electronic elements.
  • Submersible cases: Here is the top of waterproofing. This kind of equipment makes it possible to protect electrical elements from water as well as from dust via welded ultra-tight closures. These cases are solid under compression and give the possibility of utilizing removable foam, to adjust in an ideal way the interior of your case compared to your electronic elements.


  • From 0 to 40 liters: Ideal for transporting small on-board equipment. Perfect for outings by the sea. Such a model allows you to protect your phone, GPS, or beach towel well.
  • 40 to 60 liters: Ideal to use as a small travel bag or on the water. It turns out to be practical and relevant for a weekend trip. Wears comfortably and stores easily.
  • 60 to 80 liters: For long weekends, it offers the possibility of safely bringing enough business or equipment, taking up a lot of space. Perfect for ocean racing or severe racing.
  • 80 liters and more: Here is simply the ultimate waterproof travel bag. Having a large capacity, it allows us to transport a maximum of material. Note that the models on casters give the possibility of pulling the container, for example, on docks or airports, without forcing.


  • Waterproof bag: This is the type of container to protect its contents against moisture. The only concern is that it cannot be submerged or be in heavy rain for a long time. However, it can still easily withstand a simple downpour. In short, it is perfect for campsites, walks, or hikes.
  • Waterproof model: It provides excellent protection against rain, much more optimal than the waterproof bag. It can face the most torrential but also last for hours and hours in the shower. Besides, it can also withstand slight immersion. During your nautical sports activities, if it falls in the water, know that it will resist. Also, remember that it is perfect for dry to contain its contents when you do the boat or even kayaking.
  • 100% waterproof bag: The latter allows flawless protection compared to the other two. It is ideal for all nautical activities and especially rafting but also outdoor activities. Its main advantage is that it can be submerged for a long time and even float above water. In addition to that, it is resistant to dirt as well as dust.


Backpack: It is ideal for taking equipment to the beach or the trails. They are, most of the time, resealable by winding. There are models with shoulder straps. Others are suitable for transporting PCs and tablets. In this case, they have a small compartment offering the possibility of inserting the machine.

Bag: It is intended for daily use. It turns out to be relevant for traveling in wet weather when you have to take your papers or PC with you.

Waterproof suitcases: To transport fragile and technological equipment, the bags offer flawless protection via the stable hulls. Besides, these models have O-rings for excellent sealing. The presence of internal foam allows it to adapt to the content and absorb shocks.

Waterproof covers and hulls: They allow you to use your PC / tablet or smartphone in the marine environment. There are also single pockets in which you can put your equipment. Various closure systems close a waterproof cover or shell.

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